Success Stories

“As a high school senior, sports are everything to my son. As a mother, I searched out the best chiropractor in our area and found it in Dr. Clark. I have full confidence in him and his wonderful, caring staff. As a former athlete himself, Dr. Clark understands the needs of athletes of all ages and ability.”
Rachael P.

“My baby was not sleeping through the night. I was up 5 and 6 times a night. After a few adjustments, we sleep all night long. The best part is that mom is happy! I highly recommend baby adjustments!”
-Jeanne C.

“Upon coming to Clark Chiropractic, I had never been to a chiropractor. I had been having headaches everyday, or at least every other day. I was referred by a friend who said a chiropractor could help with the headaches. I gave it a try, and it was amazing the difference I noticed immediately. My headaches diminished from everyday or every other day to once a week. It has only been two months since I started treatment now, and it has been two weeks since my last headache. My quality of life has definitely improved. Thanks Clark Chiropractic!”
-Dwayne B.

“Before seeing Dr. Scott Clark, I experienced migraines and upper back and shoulder pain. After only a couple of adjustments, I am pain free and migraine free. Dr. Scott and his staff have gotten me back to feeling great and better than ever!”
-Sarah G.

“As a former competitive Pole Vaulter, I suffered numerous neck, back and muscular injuries. Before I started going to Dr. Clark and Clark Chiropractic I was in chronic pain. I woke up every morning with lower back and neck pain, and unable to get through the day without muscle spasms or other pain. Through regular treatment by Dr. Clark, I am now able to do even strenuous workouts without pain. Dr. Clark’s care has greatly enhanced to quality of my life.”
-Gregory D.
Attorney at Law

“I am a long time chiropractic patient. When I first started seeing Dr. Clark, I was pretty much bed ridden. I had a slipped disk in my back and had sciatic pain in my right leg. I am not only able to do anything I want now, but I am pain free today. I believe in chiropractic, and I am living proof that it works. I would encourage anyone to try chiropractic before having surgery. Try it… it works! Everything from back pain to carpal tunnel, Dr. Clark can fix it!”
-Brook B.

“Our son, William, has had reflux since he was born, and we have tried just about everything to help it subside. Finally after hearing different stories about chiropractors and reflux, Dr. Clark was recommended by a friend. Once we arrived at Dr. Clark’s office, we met him and his staff. During William’s adjustment, he did not even know that anything was going on. Dr. Clark was so gentle and answered all of our questions. William is now 10 months old, and it has been weeks since I have had to put a bib on him! I am extremely satisfied with the care and outcome of our visits to Dr. Clark’s office!”
-Heidi & Trey H.